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History of  “De Vöcker”

The family ter Bekke has created space for 15 campers on the Vöckersweg

The history of the farmyard dates back to the 1500’s . However,  since 1908,  the initial family Ter Bekke came to live on the Vöckersweg . Now, 100 years later, the 4th generation started with a camping location . Traditionally the farm,  also called ” The Vöcker ‘, a farm where cows were often held.
In 1990 owner Hennie ter Bekke , along with his wife started keeping livestock . His preference at the time was to breed Jersey cows and he has managed to achieve this.
Jersey cows are originally from the island of Jersey, a small island between France and England . Jersey’s are small monochrome gray- brown cows, and are quiet by nature . Their milk is very rich in butterfat and is therefore particularly suitable for butter production. It is the most common dairy breed in world. The animals are small ( a mature cow weighs about 400-450 kg ) . The average yield is about 5000-6000 kg per year with 5-6 % fat . The breed is used in many countries for interbreeding, in an attempt to increase the fat content of the milk . For meat production , this variety is of little value.

Oele is a hamlet in the province of Overijssel in the region of Twente, Hengelo. The hamlet is part of the district of Beckum. The hamlet is a bit difficult to find, since it has no signposts. You can only see that you’re there by looking on a road sign that leads you to the mill.

Oele lies south-east of Delden, west of Hengelo and north of Beckum, on both sides of the Twentecanal and is bordered to the east on the A35. In some street names, the name of the hamlet is incorporated; Oelersteeg and Oelerschoolpad.

Statitstical Data:

in1840, Oele had 72 houses with a total of 448 residents. Nowadays there are 120 houses with 300 residents